Speaker for Child Abuse Prevention

When child abuse prevention speaker Derek Clark speaks about his early childhood experience, audiences are inspired by his resilience. His keynote speeches about child abuse and neglect prevention as well as his thirteen years in foster care can all be summed up in one word…redemption. He will tell you that survivors of child abuse didn’t ask for this label in life but if there is a mantra that Derek likes to recite…it is “I am not a victim, I am a victor!”

As Derek shares deeper insight through his keynote speeches, you will hear him say that “Nobody could destroy me! Not my mom, dad, step dad…all of them that abused me and they still couldn’t keep me down. I am a fighter. Once I learned how to channel my fight, I began to fight for ownership of my life…taking responsibility for the direction of my life.”

Derek is a top motivational and inspirational speaker for child abuse and neglect conferences because of the triumphant way that he delivers he message. It is a message of never giving up on a child and believing that you can make a big difference. His keynote speeches are full of determination, courage and hope.

Not only is Derek a motivational speaker, he is also the author of seven books titled I Will Never Give Up, I Will Never Give Up for the Teenager, I Will Never Give Up on God Again, Disable the Label: Never Limit the Potential of a Child, Never Limit Your Life: From Personal to Professional Success and his fictional fantasies Secrets Don’t Stay Buried and Asylum of Insanity both under the Hidden Histories of Derek Clark series. Recently, Derek has become a viral video sensation with his Rapping Dad videos that have had over 150 million views. They are positive and fun raps with his four children.

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