Foster Care Expert and Motivational Conference Keynote Speaker Derek Clark Remembers Foster Care

Foster Care Expert and Top Conference Keynote Speaker Derek Clark Remembers Foster Care

When I was abandoned at a psychiatric facility at age five, I kept thinking that my mother was going to come back for me. Well, she didn’t and my dad was in prison for the criminally insane. So no luck there. As the years passed, I had a lot of misplaced anger thinking that everyone was stopping me from going home, when in reality, my parents weren’t willing to do what it took to reunify with me. They even turned down parent counseling and reunification therapy as they felt it was my problem and not theirs. So… I spent 13 years of my life in the foster care system. Although I was never adopted , I did end up at a wonderful foster home on a farm where they kept me long term. I am eternally grateful that they allowed me to stay with them instead of sending me to Napa Psychiatric Hospital or placing me in a group home or a residential treatment center.

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